Take note of what you’ll need

- The Good Cider Peach top
- 4,5cl of Venezuelan rum
- 6cl pineapple juice macerated with vanilla and cloves
- 3cl of egg white
- Oak flavoured wood chips
- Dried fruit
- Ice


- Cocktail shaker
- Kitchen blowtorch
- Smoker
- Jigger or measuring cup

Let’s get started

Before beginning, place the shaker cup in the freezer for at least half an hour. Add 2 ice cubes to the shaker and place the mixing cup on top. Use the jigger to measure and add 4,5cl of Venezuelan rum, 6cl of pineapple juice macerated with vanilla and cloves and 3cl of egg white. Pour the mixture inside the shaker and SHAKE IT! Shake thoroughly for 30 seconds in order to blend everything with the egg white until you get a foam which looks like meringue. Pour the mixture in the glass, add the ice, top with The Good Cider Peach and decorate with dried fruit. Finally, use your smoker with the oak wood chips and get that magic touch.