Take note of what you’ll need:

- The Good Cider Pear top
- 1,5cl of txakoli
- 1 dash of pickled chillies
- 4cl of Basmoon vodka
- Ice


- Liquor glass
- Cocktail shaker
- Cocktail stick
- Jigger or measuring cup

Let’s get started

Before beginning, place the shaker cup and the liquor glass for at least half an hour in the freezer. Add a couple of ice cubes to the shaker cup and let’s begin: use the jigger to add 4cl of Basmoon vodka and 1,5cl of txakoli to the mixing glass and, with a quick flick of the wrist, add a dash of pickled chillies. And here comes the “I’m the best cocktail shaker” moment: pour the content of the shaker in a mixing glass a couple of times, letting the drink break in the fall. Et voila: pour it in the liquor glass and top it with The Good Cider Pear. Delicious.