We care for the Environment

The Good Cider’s Communication
of Environmental Performance

Among the aims of Sustainability and Environmental Policy that we conduct in our company, we focus on preventing pollution due to the activities carried out at our location for an adequate protection of the environment. That way, we promote a sustainable use of resources.

To do so, we work year after year in improving a series of pointers and targets that make us progress in achieving the goals marked in our 2030 agenda.

The analysis carried out during the last years on these pointers shows the improvement we are obtaining thanks to our constant work:

POINTERS 2016 - 2017 2017-2018
Volume of water poured per box 5% reduction 20% reduction 15% reduction
Power consumption per box 9% reduction 22% reduction 17% reduction
Gas consumption per box 46% reduction 8% reduction 12% reduction