Take note of what you'll need

- The Good Cider Pear top
- 15ml of lime juice
- 30ml of spiced rum
- 10ml of sugar syrup
- 2 slices of pear
- 2 slices of ginger
- Ice cubes


- Collins glass
- Shaker
- Bar spoon or shaker rod
- Jigger or measuring cup

Let's get started

Add the ice cubes to the base of the shaker to cool it down. Add 15 ml of lime juice, 30 ml of spiced rum and 10 ml of sugar syrup to the mixing glass. Incorporate the mixture into the base and stir it with the bar spoon so that the liquors are well mixed. Finally, serve it in a Collins glass, top it with The Good Cider Pear and decorate it with the slices of pear and ginger. PEARFECT!